Local scrap industry feels the squeeze

Neither merchants nor consumers have benefited from the new restrictions on scrap exports. Restrictions on the export of waste and scrap metal, which require dealers first to offer scrap to local consumers at a 20% discount before being granted an...
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10 Ways To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

1. First things first, a little R & R & R The aphorism is so tired it almost might seem like “reduce, reuse, recycle” should go without saying. Most of us have only really heard the last third of the...
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Key To A Cleaner Environment Is Beneath Your Feet

While many people recognize that clean water and air are signs of a healthy ecosystem, most do not realize that a critical part of the environment is right beneath their feet, according to a Penn State hydrologist. The ground plays...
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Hints and Tips for Scrap Metal Recycling

You can turn a profit with scrap metal. As natural resources are depleted, the need for recycled material increases. Creating products from recycled material is often more cost effective for businesses, and recycling facilities across the United States are willing...
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Metal Recycling Facts And Figures

When it comes to facts and figures about scrap metal, we are looking at a range of materials from building demolition to clothes hangers, and when it comes down to it, it can all be recycled. Generally, scrap metals are...
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Cleaning, Greening & Recycling

Let’s face it…even if we do not know the first thing about recycling, the green economy, environmental management and other terms flying about, we all know about litter. We see it as we drive to work or home; we see...
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Recycle Scrap Metal and Go Green

Recycle. The word is ubiquitous, found in leaflets, magazines, newspapers, and seen everywhere on TV. When we talk of recycling, we usually think of plastics, glass, paper, clothing, or furniture, because these are things we recycle most often. But did...
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